Titanium wire mesh is a special material mesh with a titanium content of 99.6% or more. You can search for this article to prove that you also understand the specificity of titanium. Compared with ordinary metal mesh, such as stainless steel wire mesh and copper wire mesh, titanium wire mesh is extremely excellent in some aspects. Today we will talk about some characteristics of titanium and the application of these characteristics in industrial production.

    1, The corrosion resistance to the chloride ion environment is very strong. Someone once experimented and threw a piece of titanium into the sea. After three years, it was picked up. The titanium plate was covered with moss and some microbes, which looked worn out. However, after wiping with a cloth strip, the smooth surface will be re-exposed, and there is no trace of rust, and the light is as bright as new. Titanium is very stable in chloride environments such as seawater, so titanium mesh is used in chloride ion environments such as seawater filtration and marine environment development.

    2, Resistant to acid and environmental corrosion. Titanium wire mesh forms a dense oxide layer in an acidic environment to prevent further corrosion. However, for a strong acid environment, it is not recommended, for example, in concentrated sulfuric acid, it can even corrode the oxide layer of titanium. In some common acidic environments, titanium has excellent performance, such as copper nitrate filtration.

    3, Titanium mesh screen has a small change in electrode distance and has a good catalytic effect on the electrode reaction, so it is often used as an electrode mesh. However, the titanium mesh itself has a good electrical conductivity, so when used as an anode, it is often required to be plated with platinum. The application and promotion of titanium anode mesh has greatly improved the production efficiency and performance of related industries. It is a widely used anode mesh.

    Of course, titanium mesh has other many properties, such as high resistance, low density, light weight, etc., so there are many corresponding functions waiting for us to develop. If you need to know the performance, specifications and price of titanium in detail, you can contact us at 008616631825103 for professional answers.

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