Project Description

  • 316 Stainless steel wire cloth
  • Name: 316 Stainless steel wire cloth

  • Place of Origin: China

  • Material:SS316 wire

  • Mesh Count: 1-3500

  • Aperture Size: 25mm-0.001mm

  • Certification: ISO9001:2015;SGS

  • Packaging Details: water-proof paper and plastic bags

  • Free sample: 20*20cm

  • Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union,MoneyGram,Paypal,Escrow etc.

  • Supply Ability: 300 square meter per month


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    316 Stainless steel wire cloth is high grade stainless material with excellent corrosion resisting and heat resisting properties. SS316 wire material is used typically in making of high quality wire mesh. 316 Stainless steel wire mesh use for screening of solid particles, powers and dust, etc. Compared with SS304 wire mesh,SS316 stainless steel wire mesh has better corrosion resistanceand ,and it can be made into finer meshes for more precise filtering uses.

   316 Stainless Steel Wire Mesh for Screening

   Material: SUS316, 316L

   Weave Type: Plain weave, Dutch plain weave, twill weave, Dutch twill weave


    1. Less manganese content, high safety, suitable for food and medical industry
    2. Higher nickel content and better corrosion resistance
    3.the structure is strong, high strength, good wear resistance.
    4. More ductile, woven mesh that can be used to produce smaller meshes

   Application: SS 316 wire cloth is used in screening and separation in mine, coal, grain, medicine, ceramic, glass, food, scientific research and other fields.

Screen specification

Screen specification


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