Project Description

Metal woven mesh is a very important filter material, it has many excellent qualities.
1. The mesh is even, and the size of each mesh is the same, which can ensure the stability of filtration.
2. High strength, high hardness, wear resistance and long service life of wire mesh.
3. the metal’s ductility is good, you can make a finer wire, used to produce smaller mesh screen.
4. The metal will not be ignited and has very good high temperature resistance.
5. There are many kinds of metals, and different kinds of metals have good corrosion resistance to specific environments. For example, 904L stainless steel is hardly corroded in concentrated sulfuric acid at room temperature.

Many industries rely on it for filtration and screening purposes.
1. Food and medicine filtration: generally need the filter network is safe and non-toxic, easy to clean, so generally use 304 / 316 stainless steel mesh as a filter material.
2. Chemical filtration: Corrosive is relatively large, the corrosion resistance of wire mesh is relatively high, generally based on the actual situation, some metal mesh with better corrosion resistance, such as 2205 stainless steel mesh, nickel mesh, titanium mesh, Mongolian Nair alloy mesh, Hastelloy mesh, etc.
3. Sewage and waste gas: Like chemical filtration, it is generally corrosive and needs to be selected according to the specific environment.

304/316 stainless steel wire mesh: neutral environment, generally used for pure water filtration and non-corrosive powder particle filtration
2205 stainless steel wire mesh: neutral chloride ion environment, such as seawater filtration
904L stainless steel wire mesh: non-oxidizing acid solution, such as sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, acetic acid, oxalic acid
Titanium mesh: neutral chloride ion environment and weak acid environment
Nickel mesh: strong alkali and weak acid environment
Monel Net: concentrated alkali and marine environment
Hastelloy mesh: All-rounder for very demanding corrosive environments.