Project Description

  • Titanium wire mesh
  • Name: Ttitanium wire mesh

  • Place of Origin: China

  • Material: Titanium wire (TA1/TA2/GR2)

  • Mesh Count: 1-400

  • Aperture Size: 25mm-0.02mm

  • Certification: ISO9001:2015;SGS

  • Packaging Details: water-proof paper and plastic bags

  • Free sample: 20*20cm (if available)

  • Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union,MoneyGram,Paypal,Escrow etc.


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Features of Titanium Wire Mesh:

   Titanium wire mesh is with low density and high specific strength.

   Titanium has stable chemical properties and is suitable for anode network.

   Titanium screen mesh is with outstanding corrosion resistance. In the corrosion environment, the surface of high purity titanium mesh will form an oxidation film layer to protect wire mesh from being corroded, the layer is compact and inert, which has strong resistance to corrosion.

   Titanium wire mesh has excellent corrosion resistant performance in below environment: Seawater, wet chlorine, chlorite and hypochlorite solution, nitric acid, chromic acid, metal chlorides and organic salts etc.

Titanium wire mesh application

   Shipbuilding, war industry manufacturing, chemical filter, mechanical filter, desalination filter, high temperature vacuum equipment, medicine filtration industries etc.

       Material: TA1, TA2, GR2, GR3, R50250, Titanium alloy etc. Black pure titanium wire Ti ≥ 99.6% (Applies to ships, water filtration and other industries) Bright pure titanium wire (For production of electrodes, battery collector net, fine chemical filtration) Medical titanium wire (Applies to make medical apparatus and instruments)

Titanium woven mesh And Titanium Expanded metal mesh:

   Titanium woven mesh(P2): Produced by titanium wire weaving, it is the most commonly used titanium mesh structure. The mesh size of up to 10mm can be as small as 0.05mm, so it is often used for filtering and screening. In addition, the mesh of the titanium woven mesh is dense and uniform, and sometimes used as an electrode mesh.

   Titanium Expanded metal mesh(P1): It is made by stamping and stretching titanium plate. The mesh surface is thicker, the opening ratio can be adjusted to a larger range, the surface area is large, and the contact area with the outside (air, liquid, etc.) is large, which is very suitable for use as an electrode mesh for electroplating and electrolysis industries. Titanium screens are produced from expanded titanium that has been flattened and annealed, ensuring a smooth, flat surface suitable for use in electrolyzer or fuel cell stacks. Although most commonly used on the Anode side of an electrolyzer, titanium screens are often used on the Cathode side of the electrolyzer as well.

Titanium wowen wire mesh        Titanium Expanded metal mesh

Specification of  Titanium Wire Mesh
 Titanium woven wire mesh:

   Mesh count: 1~400 mesh
   Mesh size: 0.3~23 mm
   Wire diameter: 0.25~3 mm
   Common width: 1 m, 1.22 m, 1.5 m, other sizes can be customized

 Titanium Expanded metal:
   Mesh (SWD * LWD): 0.5*1mm to 6*12mm
   Wire diameter: 0.3~3mm
   Plate thickness: 0.3~3mm
   Width: commonly used 0.5-2 meters, other sizes can be customized

   We are the manufacturer of titanium wire mesh in Chian, produce titanium wowen mesh and expanded titanium for fifteen years, will provide professional products and services for you.

Screen specification

Screen specification

Questions You May Concern

1.Are you factory/manufacturer or trader?

We are direct factory who owns production lines and workers. Everything is flexible and there is no need to worry about extra charges by the middle man or trader.

2.Which countries do you export to?

Our goods are mainly exported to Australia, Canada, UK, USA, Germany, Thailand, South Korea and so on.

3.Can I get free samples?

If the sample is available, yes, can be free. If unavailable, need to customize.

4.What is your minimum order quantity?

Actually there is no MOQ for our products. But usually we recommend a quantity based on the price which is easy to accept.

5.Which payment method you can accept?

Generally we adopt T/T,LC, Western Union, PayPal, Escrow and Money Gram

6.Can you do customized Logo or Packing?

Yes,customized Logo or Packing is welcomed all the time. Most of our products,customer required to do with their Logo.

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If available for stock,within 3 working days.If needs to produce,around 20 working days.

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